Micropigmentation FAQ


Micropigmentation FAQ

Yes it hurts but it is tolerable, depends on each person pain threshold and skin sensitivity, however you will not be rushed, ice can be applied during the treatment and you can make as many breaks as you wish. Topical anaesthetic used before and during procedure but some pain will still be felt.

Most people will need 2 sessions (6-8 weeks apart) however some might need 3 due to poor retention.

Your eyebrows will be a bit sore, red for the next 2-24 hours, some people might bruise slightly.

The colour will be darker but it will lighten up with about 40-50% in the following 4 weeks.

After 3-5 days they will form a scab which will fall down by the 10th-15th day, it is important to don’t pick this scab or you can cause infection, loss of pigment or scaring.

Yes, patch test should be done at least 48 hours before the first session, however this is only 80% accurate. The patch test is done behind your ear in between the hairs.

During the patch test we will also discuss any concerns or questions you might have and fill in the consent form.

When you come for the first session we will apply the numbing cream, chose colour to suit your skin and hair, draw your eyebrows according to your facial bone structure and once we will agree on the shape and colour we will start tattoing.

At the second session after 6-8 weeks we will apply numbing cream, asses the eyebrows and discuss if there is any slight change that you might want to do regarding shape or colour and then we will go over the eyebrow with the tattoo machine to deposit more pigment inside the skin.

Depending on the client the first session can take 2-2.5 hours and the second session 1.5-2 hours.

If it is light enough, we can work over the old tattoo to correct the shape and color but, however if it turned blue, red, grey, green, purple then when we will need to neutralise the old tattoo and after that proceed with the new micropigmentation.

Please inform us if you have an old tattoo and send us a picture so that we can assess and advise prior to making your appointment.

If you have any health problems, taking medication, having any allergies, pregnant, breastfeeding or had botox done recently in the forehead area in the last 2 months then you might not be suitable for this treatment or might need need a doctors approval letter.

Please contact us directly and inform us of any of these before making your appointment.

Tiny drops of blood will be visible on the skin surface but do not worry, this is perfectly normal, this is how we know that we are depositing the pigment into the right layer of the skin.

If possible try not to pluck your eyebrows so that we can shape them, a cosmetic tattoo covered with hairs will look more natural.

Do not tint your eyebrows at least 3 weeks in advance so that we can see your hair natural colour.

Do not drink alcohol, take drugs, painkillers, blood thinners at least 24 hours in advance, these can affect the pigment retention and make your skin bleed.Would be great if you manage to skip coffee or anything with caffeine the day of your procedure because these will also make you bleed a bit more.

Yes of course. Tattooing does not affect hair growth in any way.

-Pain: the eyebrows will be a bit sore and hurt when touched

-Infection: although rare, there is a risk of infection. The treated area must be kept clean only freshly cleaned hands should touch the area

-Uneven pigmentation: this can result from poor healing, infection, bleeding, pigment rejection. The retouch will likely correct any uneven appearance.

-Excessive swelling or bruising: some people bruise and swell, ice pack might help, this typically disappears in 1-5 days

-Allergic reaction: there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to the pigments or other material used. You need to take a patch test with at least 48 hours before the procedure, however this is only 80% accurate.

-Colour change: the implanted pigment might change or fade over time due to circumstances beyond the salon control.

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